Interim Management

We are professional managers, wide experienced in different industrial sectors.  Energy, waste, biofuels, industrial construction, project management, etc). We have  managed different companies, from general management to different operational  areas We have an expert team in administration, strategic planning, business plan design  financial management, etc. We design a management plan to fit each company  necessities giving guarantees to shareholders and a control system that gives  comfort and tranquility to the owners 


Project promotion 

We manage projects individually or together with other promoters. We offer  opportunities to other shareholders to invest. We generate value through our  projects.   ENERGIPLAN develops, manages and designs financial structure of renewal  energy and industrial projects. Establishing win to win relationships with  technological and financial partners. We support our partners and promoters to put  value on their projects without handing over control.   


Technical consultancy 

Specially at Renewal Energies and Energy Efficiency projects, we develop  technical consultancies and construction control for new projects. Under bank or  promoter mandate we develop project and construction control in terms of costs,  delivery terms and technical specifications  We issue reports to control progress of the work including critical points analysis  (technical, cost or delivery term). We represent ownership and/or banks in front of  subcontractors or suppliers. We offer a professional, free and serious point of view  focused on technical and economical targets. 


Market researches and strategic consulting 

We continuously develop new market researches in order to evaluate technical and  financial availability supporting investors and promoters to achieve projects and  developing and managing them.  We support companies in their internationalization plans to acquire new markets.  We evaluate technically, strategically and from business point of view the  opportunities mainly in Europe, USA and South America 


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